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Electric Lighter

An electric lighter is a type of lighter that starts a fire with electricity rather than a flame. It is frequently used in place of conventional lighters, which burn butane or other combustible fuels. A high-voltage electrical arc or heating element is commonly used in electric lighters to produce a spark that can ignite a candle, stove, or other fire source.Electric lighters come in two primary categories: USB rechargeable and battery-operated. Electric lighters that can be recharged using a USB cable are growing in popularity.

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Lighter holds a charge for a long time. I like that it has a battery indicator on it so you know when it’s getting low. Great design looks great and feels durable as well. I would recommend for sure.This is great value the price
A really cool lighter. I wished the battery lasted longer, but it is easily rechargeable. Overall, I am very satisfied and do not regret purchasing this exceptionally handsome lighter. It was a well-received gift for my wife.
These are such a great gift to give to anyone who uses candle, grills, or just seems to never have matches or a gas lighter handy. I love that its easier to use than a gas lighter and I just have to recharge it when it’s dead.
Melinda Wellsandt

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